About Us

SQUAD token is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform of the modern world and based on the Binance SmartChain.

SQUAD token is designed to be a high performance token, to provide many services on one platform. We aspire to have SQUAD token as an ecosystem that will provide features like Staking and charity donation to support organizations helping veterans. SQUAD token hopes to develop its own unique community where people will be able to help those charity organizations that help their heroes.

Why SQUAD Token?

Transparency & immutability
Lower Fees
Transaction traceability
Ease to use
Open for global participants
Free from corporate and government interference
Efficiency of payment transactions
Binance smartchain compliant

Step 1

Create a Metamask or Trust Wallet and save your keys


Step 2

Connect your MetaMask/Trust wallet to Binance Smart Chain


Step 3

Buy & send your BNB from Binance to your wallet


Step 4

Go to Pancakeswap.finance, then Trade/Exchange Click!


Step 5

Add SQUAD TOKEN by pasting our smart contract address


Step 6

Click connect in the top right corner to connect your wallet


Step 7

Adjust Slippage Tolerance to 11% – 13% into settings


Step 8

Confirm the transactions & relax hodling SQUAD TOKEN

Benefits of staking

No hardware is required
Passive income
More cost effective
Highly secured with the help of smart contract

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